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Well this little creature for one thing ~IMG_20160526_074238It’s probably a long-tailed weasel. Jason got pretty close when he took this picture and the weasel wasn’t at all afraid. After reading about these guys it was Jason who should have been afraid! On DesertUSA it says that this cute animal is known as, “nature’s psychopath.” Apparently they’re vicious predators. Still, we felt very lucky to see this one on our morning walk around the land. The males usually stake out an area of about 40 acres for their territory and we only have 16 acres. Of course it would be best if they don’t stake out any territory too near us since they do this by dragging their body over a firm surface which causes their anal glands to release a “…strong, foul, musky odor…”. Um…no thanks!

The Bluebird eggs still haven’t hatched. Jason waits for the mom to fly away and peeks at them sometimes.

We’ve gone to Santa Fe a couple of times. I love the sorbet at Ecco! They always have new flavors. Jason likes the watermelon, but my favorite was sangria.

Red berry & Mango. Yum!

Red berry & Mango. Yum!


That sorbet was almost as good as the real sangria at Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill!








We saw bunnies again in Santa Fe. These two were behind a fence on the lawn of a high school for the arts. Young people are often out front dancing!FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender[1]





Jason’s surgery still hasn’t been scheduled. He’s doing fine though, eating healthy, resting and trying not to work too hard.IMG_0262[1]






Here he's fixing a hoe in his pajamas!

Here he’s fixing a hoe in his pajamas!



Jason did get that big rock over to the house site. I like it because now I can always see where the front door will be some day!IMG_0270[1]

The well house is almost finished.


Yesterday I stapled in hardware cloth to keep mice out. Then Jason put up the plywood walls. So now it’s even closer to being finished!

The blue thing in the well house is the pressure tank. There’s a plastic diaphragm in there that’s pushing down on the water and keeps it between 40 and 60 PSI. The big excitement was when Jason turned the water on at the well house and it came out at the pipes near the Tin Can and at the garage site. So it actually works! On Thursday we took some of the water to Santa Fe to be tested. I tested it myself and it tasted great to me!

Our neighbor dug the leach line for the septic tank and used the back hoe to push the rocks we bought into the trench. Now there are 2 1/2 feet of rocks in the trench. Next Jason will put in the pipes. First there will be 20 feet of four inch solid pipe. Then there will be 130 feet of four inch perforated pipe.

Remember my trenches? His are a lot straighter ~ but then he is a professional!

Remember my trenches? His are a lot straighter ~ but then he is a professional!

Our food is holding out – except for the fresh vegetables. The little fridge isn’t doing too well since it’s warmed up a bit. I actually had to throw away some broccoli and a few mushrooms this week. That hurt since it takes almost an hour to get to the store and organic vegetables cost about $1,000 each. I can see a vegetable patch is going to be pretty much a necessity out here! IMG_2833[1]

I did make a good dessert one day. It isn’t exactly one of the glorious banana puddings (Nilla Wavers!) of my youth, but for a healthy dessert it was yummy. (Just silken tofu, Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese, coconut extract, agave and a banana with a sprinkle of sucanat on top. Baked in the microwave for six minutes.) I’m trying to make sure Jason eats enough protein during this wait for his surgery so we’ve been having a lot of sneaky tofu!

Lucky is doing very well. Yesterday he rode in the back of the pick-up for the first time. I was going to walk to the trench, but at the last minute I decided to hop in the back myself. Good thing! Lucky was so scared he was shaking. I had to hold him on my lap until we got across the field. On the way back he was pretty relaxed though. I guess he’s starting to become a little bit more of a country dog. (But he’s still our baby!)IMG_2832[1]IMG_0276[1]IMG_0297[1]Here’s one last new thing ~ we have new driver’s licenses! I think I look depressed (I’m not). Jason thinks he looks weird (no comment). I guess we’re really going to stay awhile!IMG_2889[1]


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