Bad news & Birds

So here it is May 17th. It’s in the mid-40’s, there’s an icy rain falling and Jason is outside building this:


Lucky’s scrapes are almost healed, but he started licking one. That’s why he has to wear the blue collar.

It’s a little house for the well. It will be insulated so the water in the pipes won’t freeze and it will have a door so Jason can check the pressure gauge and get inside to fix things. I helped pour the concrete pad!

Mostly I just mixed concrete. It was fun. It reminded me of baking!

Mostly I just mixed concrete. It was fun. It reminded me of baking!

First it looked like this...

First it looked like this…

... then it looked like this!

… then it looked like this!




We poured a pad for the hot water heater too. This will have its own little house too.

Last week the septic tank was delivered. The guy who brought this over makes them himself. It weighs 6,000 pounds!

It's the septic tank!

Jason and I had fun walking around on top of the tank. It came with a filter that has to be cleaned once a year. I thought it was a pretty fancy thing to be hidden in a huge concrete box!


Here’s the filter!

This cool truck set the box down like it was as light as a feather ~ and exactly in the right spot!

This cool truck set the box down like it was as light as a feather ~ and exactly in the right spot!

Next week our neighbor will come over with his backhoe and dig the trench for the leach line. It will be about four feet deep and about 150 feet long. Twenty feet of that is just to get the leach field away from the septic tank. The rest will be covered with gravel, but only 2/12 feet deep. Then we’ll put in four inch perforated pipe. At that point the inspector, Kandee, will come out. If everything’s good we’ll cover the pipe with more gravel. Then we’ll cover the gravel with a filter fabric and dirt. At this point we’ll need to get the Ditch Witch again and dig two trenches to the garage/guest room and to the house site. I don’t know what’s after this and I don’t want to ask Jason. Every time I say, “Yay! And then we will have a real toilet!” He says, “No. We still have to…” So apparently there’s even more to it than all of this! Stay tuned…

We’ve pulled some big weeds and cacti and trimmed some dead branches off of trees over the past week. This all got brought up to the shed for a compost pile. We’ve had a food waste compost bin for awhile now.

...Jason made the bin in about five minutes!

Jason made this bin in about five minutes!

The bad news is Jason is back in atrial fibrillation. He was diagnosed with a-fib about a year ago and had a cardio inversion. The cardiologist said that this procedure might not correct the condition for long, so neither of us was terribly surprised that his heart is irregular again.

We found a good doctor at the nearby Mora Valley Community Heath Services clinic. He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area! He heard the a-fib right away and referred Jason to a heart specialist in Santa Fe. Jason met with the cardiologist yesterday and will go back for an echocardiogram on Thursday. It looks like Jason will be having an operation called a mini maze pretty soon. We’re trying to get the water and toilet in before he has the procedure. Having to use an outhouse while recovering from surgery seems a bit much!

A-fib is supposed to make people tired and I guess Jason has had a bit less energy than usual. Still, it’s amazing he’s gotten so much done and he’s as cheerful as ever! He was very happy to discover this creature the other day.

Some kind of horned lizard?

Some kind of horned lizard?

We made another discovery recently. I kept telling Jason that I heard something in the Tin Can bathroom area. It was like a crunching sound. Once, when I was washing up, it was so loud and close that I tossed my shower gel and ran out of the room. That caused Jason to investigate, but he didn’t see anything. Then one night he heard the sound and decided it was under the trailer. I said, “What kind of stupid animal would move in under the Tin Can?” I wasn’t trying to insult the animal, but there’s 16 acres and a shed to hide in so why would anything want to move in right below us ~ especially when there’s a dog living in the Tin Can?

Jason said, “Well it’s either mice or a chucho. That’s all we’ve seen.”

It was birds making a nest!

It was birds making a nest!

imageThis explains why Lucky didn’t seem to be concerned. He doesn’t care about birds. I think he knows by now that there’s no point in chasing them! The bird was certainly not¬†stupid either. I mean if you were an egg-eating predator would you know that there’s a nest in here? The birds had to fly up under the Tin Can to get to a flat area in between the bumper and the trailer. To see the nest you have to open the section where the yellow wire is coming out. We’re resisting looking at the nest and waiting to hear some little peeps!


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  1. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it was birds! Congratulations. I’ll check my book on Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North American Birds and see if we can find out what you got! Yay!

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