Yikes! We have to work!

But we’ve been having so much fun…

On a trail at Carson National Forest above Taos.

On a trail in Carson National Forest above Taos.

We were waiting for a stretch of clear weather. We had planned to rent an excavator for a week and didn’t want our digging interrupted by snow or rain. Now Jason says we can dig the trenches to lay pipe from the well to the Tin Can and for the conduit for the power to the well pump using a Ditch Witch. He wants to make one trench for each of these things, although some people put the power and the water in the same trench. Jason thinks it’s easier to make any needed repairs if the water pipe is in one trench and the electrical conduit is in another. I don’t actually understand any of this, but I do understand that we won’t be browsing cute shops and drinking frappes in Taos today.

It was fun while it lasted!

In Taos. It was fun while it lasted!

I do want running water so I’m happy that we’re starting the process. We’re hoping to have all the trenches dug today. The hole for the septic tank and the trenches for the house and garage foundations will require the excavator.

The permit process for getting the septic system was painless. After 25 years of dealing with the planning departments in Bay Area cities Jason couldn’t believe how easy it was. He did have to draw a site map that shows the locations of underground power and future buildings. imageWhile we were waiting for good weather Jason did a few things to make the Tin Can more comfortable. One of the best ones was extending the deck and setting up my treadmill. It’s been a lot of fun running on a treadmill outside! I always want to run outside, but I tend to fall down. Once I tripped in a chucho (prairie dog) hole and fell on my face.

They're very cute and very curious!

They’re very cute and very curious!

Nice view!

Nice view!







I didn’t go with Jason to pick up the Ditch Witch. It’s nice to have a little time by myself in the Tin Can ~ and I have to do my running! Jason took Lucky with him, which is nice since Lucky has some scratches he is not supposed to lick and he has to wear this thing…imageToday I’ll take pictures of the ditch-witching and I’ll  ask Jason to be a “guest editor” so he can explain what we’re doing. I really did intend for this blog to be all about building! However…

Isn't this bird great?! It's a Mountain Bluebird.

…isn’t this bird great?! It’s a Mountain Bluebird.

And what about these beautiful elk?! They were just relaxing in front of a house in Angel Fire. imageWe had a great afternoon there yesterday. We walked Lucky on the paths around the Visitor’s Center. We walked for over an hour and never saw anyone else. It was a little cloudy, but only a few raindrops fell on us. image

Today the sun is shining. It’s nice, but not too hot. Good trenching weather I guess!

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