Good-bye 5105

Nevin exterior Christmas daytime

Nevin Dining Room

I loved to lie on the couch and look at my dining room!

We have less than a week left at our old house. This is a hard place to leave. Jason and I have been very happy here!

Sometimes I would lie on the couch and look at the shadows on the wall.

Sometimes I laid on the couch and looked at the shadows on the wall.

Our darling Bijou grew old here. When she couldn’t walk anymore I carried her out to the backyard. As we walked around the backyard I whispered to her, “You’re still a happy dog, right? You still want to live, right?” I felt her wag her tail against my leg.Bijou

After she died I went to the backyard and cried until I thought I’d die. We had Bijou for 16 years. I never thought I’d want another dog. Then I found Lucky.

Baby LuckyLucky was about five months old when we found him. He was riding on BART all by himself. He’s lived in this house with us for five years.

Nevin Backyard

Lucky rules the backyard! He allows no squirrels to enter the area, but doesn’t mind birds at all!

Lucky in Mora.Car

We’ve visited Mora with Lucky four times. When we arrive he stays like this for awhile, right by the car.

Lucky doesn’t seem comfortable in Mora. I’m afraid he’ll miss this house too.Lucky in MoraMaybe Mora just feels too big for Lucky. I hope he’ll be happy there. And I hope whoever moves into 5105 is as happy here as we’ve been.



Under Construction

Hello ~ Thanks for checking in! At the end of March, 2016 my husband, our dog and I are moving to our land in Mora, New Mexico. So far we have electricity and a well. The well isn’t hooked up to anything and there is no toilet! We have an old stripped out Airstream (with no toilet!), which we affectionately refer to as The Tin Can. The beautiful, eco friendly house Jason and I are going to build will be called Happily Ever After. I’m hoping it will look a bit like a fairytale cottage!

Jason knows how to build. (Visit his website at to see some of his work.) However, I don’t know how to build anything. I tried to paint the back wall of a closet once and Jason told me I was doing it wrong. He had his back to me and he was across the room. I said, “You can’t even see what I’m doing.” He said, “I can hear you though.” Something about not enough paint on the roller.

Another time he was talking about a job and saying how easy it was to do something. I said, “When you say ‘it’s easy’ do you mean really easy? Like I could do it?” He looked at me for a second and said, “No, you couldn’t do it, but your sister could.” Okay so she can do a lot of stuff, but I can do something she could never do ~ lie on the couch for hours. In addition to not being able to build anything I’m real lazy. Should be interesting!

We do this a lot!

We do this a lot!

The Tin Can arrives!

The Tin Can arrives! Our neighbor came over with his back hoe to move the trailer to a spot where it probably won’t get blown away by the strong wind that swoops down from the mountain. Thanks!